Friday, July 26, 2013

"Here lies Walter Fielding. He bought a house, and it killed him."

 In an 80's re-telling of MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOME, Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play a yuppie couple who realize that purchasing your own home, comes with a price! RACCOONS! THE MONEY PIT is one of Hanks' greatest comedies and in this day and age of a major housing crisis, THE MONEY PIT seems even more telling. Forced to deal with shady contractors, runaway wheelbarrows and the rising cost of living, the couple do the unthinkable. They start repairing the house themselves. Their love and lives will be put to the test as they build from the ground up and realize that the American Dream is only possible if you do it yourself. And sometimes you get stuck in a hole in the floor for a really long time!

 Sleazy Carpenter Scene.

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