Saturday, July 27, 2013

High Adventure: HARD TARGET

Don't hunt Van Damme if you can't kill him. John Woo's first American film is a cinematic treat! Using the stylized action that Woo became famous for overseas, HARD TARGET takes it to the mean streets of New Orleans for an update of "The Most Dangerous Game."

Jean Claude Van Damme is enlisted to help a young woman find her missing father. Van Damme uncovers a diabolical game that puts the Hunger Games to shame! Hot on the trail of the baddies, Van Damme punches snakes out, rides motorcycles while STANDING UP, makes time for a quickie and sports the most awesome mullet known to man.

Legend reports that multiple cuts were made to the film to make it more "cohesive" and the studio released it onto a very unforgiving public. Luckily, Van Damme enthusiast have pledged their undying love for HARD TARGET and have managed to keep the movie alive. It is nothing short of a cinematic miracle and one of the most gonzo  movies you will ever see! Did I mention Van Damme punches out a snake?!

An infamous working print of HARD TARGET is floating around and it is a gem to see if you can get your hands on it. More bullets, more gore and a Wilford Brimley dance sequence that will give you nightmares.


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