Monday, July 29, 2013


Remember when Mel Gibson wasn't insane and just kinda awesome? We do too! That is why we are presenting one of the best sequels around with MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME.

George Miller, the director of the first two Mad Max films, returns with a high octane and rip roaring look into the future. Mel Gibson reprises his role as a former policeman who finds himself trapped in a desert town called Bartertown, in the Australian outback. Sand meets technology. Dirt meets machinery. Mad Max meets AUNTIE ENITY played by Tina Turner.  Max is gonna have to battle it out with just about everyone as he tries to save all the children and his own skin. But remember…Two men enter. One man leaves. WELCOME TO THUNDERDOME.

We are excited to present MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME for Pride Week, because it is Tina Turner's only starring role and Mel Gibson's hair is a master stroke of stylin'!

Tina Turner introduces us to THUNDERDOME!

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