Thursday, June 10, 2010


Georgia has some problems. Balancing a thriving music career as a singer/songwriter and the duties of a mother and wife, Georgia has a lot on her plate. And then her sister, Sadie blows into town, yet again.

GEORGIA is one of those movies that dares you to all it a bad movie. Is the acting good? Is the music moving? Do you really care about anything going on in the movie? But one thing is for sure, it is really fun to watch. If you like UGH movies.

It is quite a simple story about two sisters. One, Georgia, who has everything and it all came easily and the other sister, Sadie. Now, for Sadie nothing comes easy therefore she has nothing. She refuses to work at anything to make her life better, yet she covet's everything everyone else has, especially her sister. In a nutshell, Sadie is a mess. A talking time bomb on the verge of falling apart at any given moment. Luckily for us, we have Jennifer Jason Leigh playing the part as Sadie. With her heavily made up, dark eyes and slipping bra straps, she blows into Seattle after managing to get away from a man named Trucker. We don't know much about Trucker, besides that he threatens to kill her and everyone seems super scared of him. When Sadie shows up at the Paramount Theater (yes Seattle folks! That Paramount Theater) everyone acts like they are seeing a ghost. Like they can't believe she survived living with Trucker. And they act like they wish she kinda wouldn't have.

1995 was a good year for Seattle. It was just getting out of its "grungey" phase and the music scene was exploding with undiscovered talent all over the place. Georgia's type of Susan Tedeschi esque music was all the rage in Seattle. Georgia fills the Paramount everytime she plays and then we get a quick cut to Sadie playing a bowling alley. GENIUS! The soundtrack is full of UGH music. But now I really need to get the soundtrack because i think JJL's songs are on it. Yes she sings her own stuff and does it live and it is not good. Mare Winningham sings her own music too, but it is so boring that you don't even care. It's a whisp of a voice while Sadie just screams into the mic and passes out at any given moment. It is like angry Mazzy Star or something. Believe me, it sounds terrible. Sadie as she says, "Can Sing." Not well though....

What I love about Georgia is she is done. She has heard it, seen it and been in the middle of it all before with Sadie. Everyone hates Sadie. Even Georgia's kids. They are miserable when they find out she is staying with them and whenever she tries to be "cute" or "sweet" with the kids, they can see right through her. Georgia's first words when seeing Sadie are "Oh God..."

A list of all the annoying and rude things that Sadie does:
1. Losing her boyfriends cat and not even caring.
2. Acting all sexy toward Georgia's husband in front of Georgia and her kids.
3. Drinking a ton of Nyquil right before a very important gig.
4. Practicing her "singing" while her boyfriend, who has to work early, is trying to sleep.

She is a nightmare walking. Did you know that you cannot board a plane without shoes on? I didn't. Sadie tried. She shows up at the airport to catch a plane from Medford, OR back to Seattle to torment her sister some more. She is at rock bottom. And they won't let her on the plane because she isn't wearing shoes. I never laughed so hard in my life. Luckily, for us, this is her fake rock bottom. The real one is to come later.

I cannot tell if JJL knows what she is doing or not. It is totally vanity project to benefit her. It has a desperate OSCAR stink to it. Like she was really really trying to get a nomination for this role and her mom wrote the screenplay. In a very Georgia vs Sadie moment come true, Mare was nominated for an oscar in the suppporting role race. Sadie loses once again.

The more you watch the movie, the more layers you discover. Like how Georgia's husband is kinda on Sadie's side because he knows that she is the only one that really can "get" to Georgia and he uses Sadie as an instrument to crave his jealous feelings about his wife's career. DEEP. It is also a good testament to siblings and their feelings toward each other. We get tossed together with these people and form this strong bond because they are the only ones that really understand what it was like growing up with our parents. And we are usually the only ones that can read our siblings to flith, just like Georgia finally has to do, but you always regret it.

Strangely enough, in TRUE sadie fashion, I always call her Georgia. Whenever i talk about it, i refer to JJL's character as Georgia, completely forgetting her real name in the movie. "Oh, you know old crazy ass Georgia!"

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