Wednesday, July 21, 2010

70's Cinema: EQUINOX

Do you like Monsters? Do you like satanic worship? Do you like pretty girls in stir up pants? I thought so. Then EQUINOX is the movie for you!

1967 brought us a different version of EQUINOX sans stop motion animation and stop motion entertainment if you ask me. It would explain all the wigs though and wardrobe changes that look almost the same. 1970 brought us the "official" version of EQUINOX, complete with flying devils, big giants and lots and lots of rolling down hills, which I always like.

It seems two fun loving couples decide to go on a picnic in the outskirts of town. Lots of dirt. The boys are super duper dreamy hot in that Wally Cleaver way, which i love so much. Even though I am more of an Eddie Haskell kinda guy. I always like a good nightmare.

So the fun loving couples stumble upon a cave and a seriously scary old man. Like Twin Peaks abandon train scary. They high tail it out, but get their paws on the official BOOK OF THE DEAD. SHIT! DOUBLE SHIT! Then dumb/dreamy guy learns some lines from it, cuz he is studying Latin in high school. I thought was really nice that they let a 25 year old stay in school where ever he lives. Everyone should graduate. He evokes a mess of trouble and the kids don't know what the fuck to do. JUST RUN!! LOTS AND LOTS OF RUNNING. Which i am always partial too. It is a good time filler for just about any movie.

There really isn't anyway not to love this movie. Jack Woods, who added all the fun stuff to EQUINOX, didn't really make another movie, but he did write the screenplay for BEWARE! THE BLOB! (directed by JR EWING!) and there is a really good opening credit montage of a kitty playing in a field. The heart and love you feel from the movie is very deep. Both directors of both versions had a vision. Vastly different due to money limitations, but a vision none the less. Always try real hard! Even if you can't really make a movie, at least you tried. Someone will love it. PROMISE.

By the end, you are so tired out by the cast running around, you just collapse in a heap on the couch. But the movie begs you to think beyond the movie in one of my all time favorite movie tricks!

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